Come to me


Today I opened
a window instead
of blasting the air
conditioning in my apartment.

Come to me,


Prayer for my children


No special prayer.

Pray when you
are doing your dishes,
when you
are driving,
when you
hug your family.

A small prayer is heard
as well as a long one.

The Stork


Sometimes, grace is like that
The cattails parting to reveal
Your great spoon bill
Your silly grin
Your spindly impossible legs, as unlikely as a cartoon.
I do not see grace when I look at you. A cosmic joke perhaps, or a benign bearer of babies

And yet
The medieval anchorites did not see you so
They saw you pull your feathers out of your breast and feed
Your young ones with blood
They saw you die
And they thought they saw you rise again the next morning

I have not seen you die
But I have seen you take wing, and rise
White and great above the swamp
Wheeling away into the sky

Making Lemonade


Making Lemonade….
Not really, but
I put all the clean clothes out on the line.

The weatherman kept teasing
about a storm. Well
he teased the storm to hit right over my laundry.

Rain washed laundry……Lemonade…..
Very thankful for the ladies
at the school and dentist



Victoria and Philip came over for stargazing.
We stayed up observing the stars
until 1am–well,
I observed the stars.
They observed the clouds

and kept claiming that there were
clowns, Elvis, Egyptian mummies,
and Betty Boop in the sky.

This summer will be good

Full of Gold


I looked around me this evening
and then I looked in the mirror
and realized that I am worth more
and so is the life
I lead with my friends, family,cats
Life is one big treasure
          full of gold,